sexta-feira, setembro 09, 2011

Geim não é Cristovão Colombo do grafeno

 Em 1962 Hanns-Peter Boehm nome reconhecido pelos químicos e os seu auxiliares de trabalho Clauss, Fischer e Hofmann escreveu no abstract seu artigo (Z. Naturforschg. 17 b, 150), com o titulo “Thinnest Carbon Films,”
Reducing graphite oxide, in very dilute alkali suspensions, produces extremely thin lamellar carbon. The determination of the thickness of the thinnest sheets from the contrast in the electron microscope showed that they consist probably of only a single carbon honeycomb plane of the graphite lattice. The finding is supported by X-ray analysis as well as surface area measurements.

Extremely thin graphene flakes, only just discernible from the background (TEM).

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