terça-feira, dezembro 15, 2009

Slowed light breaks record

Easy does it: light clocked at 25 km/h

Kilometre-long pulses of light have been stored for over one second in a millimetre-sized cloud of ultracold atoms – before being revived and sent on their way. This latest demonstration of light storage using electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) is the first to break the second barrier – and has the added bonus of preserving the quantum state of the incoming pulse. The physicists in the US who carried out the experiment say that the work could play a key role in quantum information technology.

Fonte: http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/41246


quarta-feira, dezembro 09, 2009

Earth's response to CO₂ underestimated

This image shows the temperature response of the Earth (in °C) to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide from pre-industrial levels (280 parts per million by volume) to higher levels (400 parts per million by volume). Image (a) shows predicted global temperatures when processes that adjust on relatively short-term timescales (for example sea-ice, clouds, and water vapour) are included in the model (b) includes additional long-term processes that adjust on relatively long timescales (vegetation and land-ice).



Criador do Twitter tem novo projecto

O novo sistema chama-se Square, permite, ao ligar-se à uma entrada de auscultadores/microfone um dispositivo, processar pagamentos com cartões de crédito.

O criador Jack Dorsey.

Site oficial:http://squareup.com/

quinta-feira, dezembro 03, 2009

quarta-feira, dezembro 02, 2009

Reveladas as formas dos orbitais dos atomos.

Especificamente, Igor  Mikhailovskije e os seus colaboradores do Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology na Ucrania obtiveram imagens da forma dos orbitais do átomo de carbono melhorando uma antiga técnica de “imagem” chamada microscopia de emissão de campo.